Re-Ludio Bolgheri Rosso

50% Sirah e 50% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Red color, full and bright with violet hues. Intensto herbaceous aroma , with notes of vanilla , tobacco and ripe fruit.

Serving temperature: 18/20 °C

Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah: 11 months in wooden barrels. Clear, impenetrable, inked indeed. Ruby red in color, dense and concentrated, bright. Blazing reflexes, vivid. Purple shades. Consistency, tears and arcs. Intense bouquet of aromas of red berry fruits and mainly black, considerably riper: plums, blackberry, blueberry and “ciliegia brunetta di vignola”. Earthy feelings of undergrowth, humid soil, tobacco. Black pepper, typical spice of Syrah, and leather. Warm to the tasting, round in the palate, almost fat. Notes of cinnamon and licorice, aromas of roasting, sweet pepper, and a slight feeling of smoke. Mellow tannins integrated in a dense pattern. Definite alternation of acids and tannins, progressive succession of fluency and astringency, dynamic in the mouth. Strong persistence in the ending, almost balsamic with notes of mint and chocolate. Very elegant and harmonic.

Re-Stigio IGT Toscana

50% Sangiovese, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Malvasia Nera.

Bright ruby ​​red with violet hues. Intense aroma with strong hints of ripe fruit, vanilla, pepper and tobacco.

Serving temperature: 18/20 °C

Alcohol: 14% vol.

Food pairing : wine very suitable to accompany dishes of game and red meats, excellent with seasoned cheese.

The absence of particles in suspension makes this wine limpid and clear; this trait becomes evident after the inclination of the glass and the consequent identification of spots where the thickness of the liquid is less deep. The transparency is minimal but this character doesn’t represent a flaw. The final effect of the color results in an almost total impenetrability. Ruby red, bright and sharp. Flaming red reflexes manifested against the light. The outlines within the glass produce purple shades. The wine, consistent, doesn’t create wavelet when moved in the glass, because it re-forms immediately its own constitution. Slow tears and frequent arcs. This consistence indicate body, structure and an important alcoholic strength: undoubtedly, these are the aspects that make this wine relevant.

Refolo IGT Toscana

Refolo IGT Toscana Download Datasheet - PDF

50% Trebbiano, 30% Malvasia Candia, 20% Vermentino.

Bright straw yellow color with golden highlights. Intense, rich in floral notes.

Serving temperature: 10/12 °C

Alcohol: 12.5% vol.

Food pairings: Excellent as an aperitif , pairs well first courses based on fish , white meats , cheeses.

Production Area: Castagneto Carducci

Crystallinity, different from transparency. The color is a subtle straw yellow. This wine maintains the same yellow color in the shades and in the outlines of the glass. The level of stability forms rather soon, despite the typical fluidity of a young wine. Floral notes of fresh wildflowers mixed to vegetal ones, like green grass, fresh and mowed. Flowers of acacia and hawthorn, always delicate. Aromas of fresh plum not completely ripe and a light citrus scent characterized by lemon skin. The effect is slightly citric but it never results in an unpleasant bitterness, everything stays delicate and refreshing. It is a real interchange of flowers and fruit, with feelings of broom (fresh and yellow flowers) and fresh and fragrant fruit just cut in pieces: apple, plum, pear (white pulp and not completely ripe). Soft bitterness at the taste which recalls the almond. The explanation of the name Refolo can be easily understood: all these perfumes are subtle and intense for few instants, one by one, changeable, dynamic. It is as if they were waiting one after the other in succession, ready to reveal themselves upwards.

Rementino Bolgheri Vermentino

Rementino DOC Bolgheri Download Datasheet - PDF

100% Vermentino.

Straw yellow with green tinges. strong fragrance , with delicate floral and fruity scents.

Serving temperature: 10/12 °C

Alcohol: 13% vol.

Food pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, pairs well first courses based on fish, white meats, cheeses.

Crystalline aspect. The color is a subtle straw yellow with greenish reflexes. Rather consistent. The perfumes have floral notes, wildflowers mainly yellow, chamomile (characteristic of the vine), but also floral scents more intense like jasmine and mimosa. There is broom, with traits of Mediterranean scrub, and a brackish atmosphere that stresses the typical mineral quality of the territory, together with sand and the influence of the sea. Vegetal notes of fresh and cut grass mixed to hay and a touch of laurel oak. Fruity scents. Initially, there is the strong impact given by citrus flavors, like citron (mainly the skin) and grapefruit, with bitter nuances, then there is an immediate return ( o comeback) of pleasant traits like fruits with yellow pulp, most of all peach and plum. The floral notes in the return are riper, thanks to the raising temperature. The wildflowers are not as fresh as before, but there is mimosa, jasmine and few petals of white rose.


After having marketed wine for fifty years only in bulk and directly to end customers, we decided to focus on quality by bottling the wine and creating DOC and IGT wines. These wines embody the essence of the typical flavors of the Castagneto and Bolgheri zones, thus giving a new significance to autochthon varieties like Sangiovese and Trebbiano.


Very soon, the estate got a unique genuine imagine by harmonizing the production of wine, olive oil and fruit with the traditional rhythm of nature and following the credo that the grower is the first consumer of his own products.

As it was done at the beginning of this adventure, we still decide to harvest by hand so that we can select only the best bunches of grapes: this traditional manual method enable us to create of a high-quality product.

Uva Bianca
  • Vermentino 70%
  • Trebbiano 20%
  • Malvasia Candia 10%
Uva Rossa
  • Sangiovese 20%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 30%
  • Syrah 30%
  • Malvasia 20%

To know

Stand native grapes such as Sangiovese and Malvasia, with the addition of other types of Bordeaux origin, now a reference in the area, such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Even today, as in the beginning of this adventure, the harvest is done by hand after the full maturity, according to a philosophy that favors quality and tradition, full of passion and dedication, passed down from generation to generation.

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